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Michael Eymer was born in Spokane, WA to a father who managed television stations and a mother who was a grade school teacher. After completing his high school education, he attended Boise State University, where he studied Vocal Performance, with an emphasis in jazz & classical.


Michael started his career in the hospitality industry as a manager with Spokane staple Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters. He then transitioned to the entertainment industry, where he became an Entertainment/Events and PR manager in Portland, Oregon, working with numerous venues, including the City of Portland and Nike to organize, manage and promote their events.


His real estate endeavor began with a home staging business that Michael owned and grew over several years, and where he became a nationally accredited Home Stager. He brought his entrepreneurial and real estate acumen home to Spokane, Washington in early 2020, to be closer to his family. Spokane’s four seasons, lifestyle vibe and strong sense of community all elevate his expertise of growing others through home ownership. It was here that he decided to accelerate his pursuit of a real estate career & serving others, as only he can. Having moved several times in his life, he also brings a wealth of tips and ideas to ease the burden and smooth any transition, while delivering an experience that uniquely surpasses expectations of the real estate process. 


In his spare time Michael has a passion for cooking, particularly Keto dishes that have helped in his astonishing 150 lbs weight loss. When he isn’t in the kitchen, you will find him lounging lakeside at his family property on Deer Lake, biking the Centennial Trail or exploring various area neighborhoods and local events. He is an avid reader, fitness enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his close circle of friends & chosen family!


After conducting extensive research on various real estate companies in the Spokane area, Michael chose to join eXp Realty. The enthusiasm and innovative nature of eXp drew him in, and he felt that it was the perfect place to continue serving clients in the real estate industry, in both a creative and dynamic way.



My mission is to make the home buying or selling process not only smooth for you, but an experience that uniquely surpasses your expectations of the real estate process.

It is my goal to create a partnership with open communication, creative ideas & dazzling results!



"Michael is professional, honest, caring & always prepared for anything. He is cool headed in every situation. He has a genuine enthusiasm & is always excited to see you. No matter what he does, he will always put others first and go above & beyond."
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