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Born in Spokane, WA, by a father who was a whiz at managing TV stations and a mother who dedicated her life to teaching young minds, I've always been surrounded by a blend of creativity and structure. After wrapping up my high school years, I ventured to Boise State University, diving deep into the world of Vocal Performance, with a special focus on jazz and classical tunes.


My career kicked off in the heart of Boise, managing locations of Spokane staple Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters, where I learned the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. But the call of the entertainment world was too strong to ignore. I found myself in Portland, Oregon, orchestrating events and PR gigs for big names like the City of Portland and Nike. It was a whirlwind of venues, events, and promotions that taught me the power of a well-organized plan.


The real estate bug bit me when I launched my own home staging business. It wasn't just about arranging furniture; it was about creating a vision of home for potential buyers. This venture sharpened my real estate savvy and led me back to Spokane in early 2020, drawn by family ties and the city's vibrant community life. Here, I've dedicated myself to transforming the real estate experience, making it more than just transactions but a journey of discovery and fulfillment for my clients.


Outside the hustle, I'm all about the Keto lifestyle, a choice that's seen me shed an incredible 150 lbs. Cooking has become my canvas for creativity, whipping up dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious. When I'm not experimenting in the kitchen, you'll find me soaking up the sun by Deer Lake, pedaling along the Centennial Trail, or immersing myself in Spokane's lively neighborhoods and events. Reading, staying fit, and cherishing moments with my friends and chosen family are the simple pleasures that fill my life with joy.


My real estate journey led me to eXp Realty, a company buzzing with energy and innovation. I felt right at home here, where I could blend my creative flair with dynamic real estate strategies to serve my clients in the best way possible.


Here's my pledge to you: I'm not just about making the home buying or selling process smooth. I'm here to turn it into an extraordinary experience, filled with open communication, innovative ideas, and results that will leave you dazzled. Your journey home, starts with me!

Michael Eymer


My mission is to make the home buying or selling process not only smooth for you, but an experience that uniquely surpasses your expectations of the real estate process.

It is my goal to create a partnership with open communication, creative ideas & dazzling results!



“Michael Eymer & HomeMeWa were wonderful to work with in my home buying process!

Michael is a knowledgeable realtor with a wonderful way about him. He made me feel very comfortable with a process that is both exciting and intimidating, especially in todays market.

He was extremely supportive and listened to my needs and never seemed daunted by my requests or questions.

Even after my home purchase closed he has continued to be available for any questions or concerns I have had.

All in all, just a great experience working with Michael and I would definitely refer other folks to him for their real estate needs!”

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